Another Day. Another .88 cents

I can’t help but get political when it comes to the gender pay gap. Women earn less than men for the same work. It doesn’t make sense. It seems unfair. But what this pay discrepancy really is… it’s an indicator that society still does not value women’s contribution to the world.

The wage gap does exist in Canada
Women age 25 to 34 with post-secondary education earn 12% less than men in the same category

We are living in modern times, modern modes of transportation, of ways to work, such high quality of life. We got here because of significant sacrifices of both men and women. We all worked hard to get this moment in time. We all want the best for our families. We all want a life worth living.

Paying women at the same rate of men isn’t about feminism, equality or morality. When everyone earns their fair share, it enables society to do more. To focus on the important issues at hand, rather than some corporate shake-down and trying to pinch pennies at women’s expenses.

We all need to speak out in favour of women and men being compensated fairly. It doesn’t just benefit the woman earning the same dollar as a man, it benefits everyone.


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