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BID Inc is a boutique consulting firm specializing in communication and entrepreneurship.

We provide one-on-one mentorship to start ups, entrepreneurs (regardless of age and experience) and anyone with a passion to serve their communities including non-profits and for-profit organizations. Since 2010 we’ve provided our talents, time and tenacity to support local social programs and services. Through volunteering, mentoring and consultation, our focus is on you, as a key contributor to a prosperous community.

BID Inc. is a community based movement of social innovation and entrepreneurship

Officially established in May 2012 and launched in May 2013, BID stands for Build, Invest & Develop, three action words that describe our passion for doing work for the greater good. We believe in communities and the people they serve.

We are Prince Edward Island’s first social enterprise for entrepreneurship.

About Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders. This is this business model BID Inc. strives to implement. We’ve developed a small resource on the topic of social enterprise.

Are there any social enterprises on PEI?

Prince Edward Island has always had social enterprises. Island communities working together, helping friends and families has been a way of life since the first settlers. However, in the past, this help did not always go beyond their own connections.

We want to change that. As the first social enterprise for entrepreneurs on PEI, BID Inc. is committed to bringing Island communities together so that we can improve our social and economic outcomes together.

Call to Action

Contact us to find out more or how we can be of service to you and join us in making Prince Edward Island the community model for social innovation and entrepreneurship!