Managing your digital presence

You, small business owner, are busy. Especially if you are just getting started. Location, renovations, product development, financing, bookkeeping, web site, human resources… most entrepreneurs are juggling multiple hats at the same time. When all you want to do is get down to business and do what you best.

So who has time to think about your online advertising, Google ranking and social media marketing. Can you outsource this element of your company? Does your digital presence really support the growth of your physical business?

You should care. And you should do it… with help.

A lot of marketing firms will tell you that you need to have a polished, scheduled, structured digital campaign to raise your profile. That you need to run Facebook ads, or be constantly posting content.

With all that you have to do in the run of a business day (which if you’ve ever owned your own business, you know could go 16 hours in a 24-hour period), driving traffic to your website or Facebook page isn’t on the top of your to-do list.

Fortunately we are here to help and guide you towards a more realistic and seamless marketing strategy that involves no more than you doing you, while sometimes sharing with potential customers.

We have developed a digital marketing package, called Digitalage that is designed to provide you with tailored support and training. Digitalage is designed to allow small business owners to make the most of their talents and technology while learning how to promote their business online.

Digitalage has three packages:

  • DigitalageLite
  • DigitalalExpress
  • DigitalagePower

Each are tailored to your business needs and all are eligible for Innovation PEIs marketing fund.

Contact us today to learn more about Digitalage and how you can make your digital presence known using the talent and tech you already have.


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