1. The most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government.
  2. The distinct, typically broader section at the head of a pillar or column.

Social Capital

There are several different pillars that help support a community. The image above is a great example of what it takes to build a thriving neighbourhood. For PEI communities, we should begin to look at three of the pillars:

  1. Social Capital
  2. Human Capital
  3. Natural Capital

We see all three pillars, social, human and natural capital, as having direct effect on economic capital. And it needs to be said, if a community focuses on these three areas and generates positive outcomes in all three, the economic benefits will grow organically.

We will be adding sub-pages to Real Capital over the next little while as we expand on what social, human and natural capital means, how they can be developed for communities in PEI and the ways neighbourhoods and communities can reap the economic benefits by improving each pillar.

As always,  your contributions are not only appreciated, but necessary in order to capture the full conversation of what social, human and natural capital means for rural and urban Prince Edward Island.

Please comment below, become a guest blogger to share your thoughts, or contact us.

Image courtesy of Thriving Neighbourhoods (Australia).

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