Downtown Charlottetown – Coffee shops now total 15

Cafe, coffee

There are now 15 coffee shops and cafes within a 1km radius of downtown Charlottetown.

1. Starbucks (University Avenue)

Coffee cup
Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

2. Starbucks (Queen Street)

3. Young Folk & Kettle Black (Richmond Street)

4. Young Folk & Kettle Black (Water Street)

5. Robins Donuts (University Avenue)

6. Davids Tea (University Avenue)

7. Timothy’s

8. Leonards

9. Beanz

10. Urban Eatery

11. Linda’s Coffee Shop

12. Casa Mia

13. Tim Hortons

14. Tim Hortons

15. *NEW* Thomas-Martin Café

I’m not including places like Terre Rouge, Cora’s or other restaurants that serve coffee, just the ones that target hot beverage drinkers.

How would market research have helped the little guys compete against the national and multinational brands? Is there such a thing as too many coffee shops? Do we have the population to sustain the competition? How unique is the value proposition of serving coffee? Is it the convenience, atmosphere, experience?

How much discretionary income do consumers have? What impact, if any, has the economic downturn on PEI (and the increase in unemployment), have on purchasing power? One coffee a day? Two, three? What is the price point and when is the best time of day? What effect would a reduction in Federal Government offices have on the competition? What about an increase in residents?


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