Welcome to BID Inc. Itunu and Vinod!

We are pleased to announce 2 new international interns to BID Inc.

Welcome to BID Inc. Itunu!

Our first intern is Itunu Oremade, an MBA student at the University of Prince Edward Island. Itunu has an extensive background in the banking and financial industries in Nigeria and brings a keen business sense to her work. She pays attention to the details and is a true professional.


Vinod Paryani-Gambtoo is an international MBA student at UPEI. He is a successful entrepreneur in his home country, India. He knows the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting their own businesses, especially in bootstrapping and securing financing.

He has over 13 years operating his business and can develop operational strategies to improve performance, motivate employees and implement policies, standards and systems.

Itunu and Vinod will be working closely with international entrepreneurs and local businesses to help them achieve their goals. As part of BID Inc, we know they will do good work!

Contact us to find out how our experienced entrepreneurs can help you with your business.



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