Employment Resources on PEI

Your Career

The Employment Journey is a monthly publication available to residents and businesses of PEI. Each issue is both online and in print, and it sets out to help those who may need resources for career planning and job seeking.

In July’s issue, The Employment Journey features a list of resources and services on PEI for job seekers and employers. Surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of organizations on PEI that seek to help those in need of employment. Some are affiliated with the government and some are non-profit organizations.

There are resources specifically targeting youth, people will mental illness, those with disabilities, past offenders and immigrants. This resource section provides contacts for those who may have more difficulty in finding a job that suits their needs and abilities. The Journey has a complete list of resources that is both helpful and informative.

It is inspiring to see publications like this on Prince Edward Island.  Many people don’t know that these job finding resources exist, and this type of journal can help to spread the word. It is unfortunate that many of these types of resources go unnoticed by the general public, and often those who would benefit greatly from them.

How can small publications like The Employment Journey get their message out to the majority of Islanders? Are those who can truly benefit from these resources hearing about them? How can we all work together to inform and help one another have gainful employment?

To find more information, visit Employment Journey online.


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