When not trolling @ElonMusk is hard

I don’t usually go on Twitter. And I don’t usually follow people that are complete opposites of what brings meaning to my work. However a long time ago, I liked Teslas. Around the time Elon bought the company. I was excited about the possibilities. So I followed him on Twitter and kind of forgot about the place.

Over the past few years, I learned what Elon was doing at Tesla with the data and restricting battery access. And I watched his arrogance grow and the fan-boys swoon over him because he’s rich. And I read about how he was burning out all the workers, underpaying, union busting… And I watched his wealth grow, his ego grow, and he’s just a real capitalist at his finest.

Elon Musk is a tool

That guy sucks. He really does. It’s not the success that makes him obnoxious. It’s his ego and hubris. So when I happened on Twitter the other day, I saw his post about Tesla being a trillion dollar company. And him going off on creating a university. And he’s just so tone deaf. A little naked emperor with all his minions telling him he’s glorious.

Bored Elon?

It’s so unlike me to comment in the wild west of the Internet about a celebrity, but here we are in 2021. Some moron thinks he’s the worlds greatest hero while he sits in his ivory emerald tower swiping through his social feeds.

You want to know how to use 6 billion dollars to save 46 million people Elon? You clearly have the time and money on your hands, you figure it out rocket man.

Ugh. that guy. Keep the car, I’d rather walk.


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